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Surviving Driving Podcast:
Shocking Stories from the Road

We created the Surviving Driving Podcast with a commitment to reducing the number of injuries and lives lost to road casualties.

About The Podcast

Distracted driving claims nine American lives daily.

Welcome to the “Surviving Driving Podcast, Shocking Stories From the Road.” Created by The Milt Olin Foundation and StopWrex, the podcast features interviews with activists, experts, and victims of distracted driving. Hosted by The Milt Olin Foundation co-founders, Louise Olin and Danny Kastner, the show’s goal is to create awareness and create discourse about the hazards of distracted driving.

With a focus on saving lives, the Surviving Driving podcast is geared towards parents, teachers, businesses, and community members concerned with road safety. At its core, the podcasts bring the experience and ideas from the broad community of organizations that advocate, research, and support safe roads everywhere.

We frequently interview victims, experts, and activists against distracted driving to create awareness about the dangers and prevention of distracted driving. By connecting communities and advocates, we can stop distracted driving, save countless lives, and make the streets safer for everyone, from drivers to pedestrians.

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Hang Up and Drive to StopWrex

We want to get in front of high school audiences at schools that do not have the funds to bring us in otherwise. We imagine integrating StopWrex into our presentation as a sort of cobranding for these events. To maximize the reach, we are also proposing a form of digital exposure opportunities which can be attended by people nationwide. The areas we would target could be either self-directed or steered by input from StopWrex and the Milt Olin Foundation.

The Sky Is NOT the Limit - Distracted Driving Tour

We are looking for 25 - 30 schools from all over the United States that would like to participate! We will be traveling the country sharing my story, my experience with distracted driving, my views on overcoming adversity, the importance of education, and more to help bring awareness to the dangers of distracted driving and to motivate/inspire others.


Milt Olin Foundation

The Milt Olin Foundation makes a difference by spreading awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. It was founded after Milt Olin – a prominent music entertainment attorney – was struck and killed by a recklessly distracted LA County Sheriff's Deputy in December 2013. The Milt Olin Foundation team, along with Milt’s widow, Louise Olin, is committed to making roads safe by spreading awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.

  • Saving Lives on the Road
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OuR Core Initiative


The Milt Olin Foundation created the “Stop Wrex!” campaign to remind all drivers to put the phone down while driving. Wrex is notorious for driving distracted. Not only does he text while driving, but he also engages in other dangerous activities like taking selfies, using apps, eating, drinking, etc. Help us create a world with ZERO distracted driving fatalities by using Wrex as an example of how not to behave. Get involved and help spread awareness by using the #DontTextStopWrex and #StopWrex hashtags on your social media!

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