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Safe Roads Map

Welcome to the CryptoWrex
Safe Roads Map

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A key part of funds raised with the CryptoWrex project will be dedicated to sponsoring road safety advocates, making a difference, and educating the world on distraction-free driving.

The “Safe Roads Map” sponsors non-profit, safe driving initiatives that are creating results through action and education.

we are very excited to support these first two programs with some proceeds from the nfts sales.

The Sky Is NOT the Limit - Distracted Driving Tour

Why everyone should support this campaign:

We LOVE Fletcher Cleaves who shares his story with the world as a proud advocate and motivational presenter. Fletcher is a real warrior for safe roads as he shares his story with countless schools, colleges, and companies across the country.

Hang Up and Drive to StopWrex

Why everyone should support this campaign:

We LOVE Jacy Good and Steve Johnson, Public Speakers, and Advocates for Distraction-Free Roads, from Hang Up And Drive. Since 2011 they have spoken at over 1,000 events across the world to well over 300,000 people. Safe Roads Map includes support for their important work and advocacy.